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Stanford Colloquium on Dance Studies: "blood run," lecture-performance by Cynthia Ling Lee

Cynthia Ling Lee (Assistant Professor of Dance at UC Santa Cruz) will present a lecture-performance on her newest solo show, blood run, a work that asks what hidden histories are contained in the body, while poignantly acknowledging the impossibility of fully reclaiming what has been lost. blood run investigates Lee’s Han Chinese colonizer and Taiwanese plains indigenous heritages within the context of larger political histories, asking: “What is the difference between an immigrant and a colonizer?” “How do the colonizer and colonized live inside the same body?” “When does survival require disappearance?” Combining critical theorization with performing excerpts of the show, Lee will discuss blood run’s development as part of the Post Natyam Collective’s long-distance process, Reimagining Citizenship. She will also address their newest project, Resurfacing Borders, on borders, migration, and citizenship. The Post Natyam Collective is a transnational, web-based coalition of dance artists whose work triangulates between theory, art making, and activism.
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Stanford Colloquium on Dance Studies 2016 - 2017 is curated around the theme of “Dance on the Move: Migration, Border Zones, and Citizenship.” 



Thursday, December 1, 2016. 05:30PM


Prosser Theater in Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Stanford Humanities Center, Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity, Center for Latin American Studies, and the Feminisms & Queerings working group.




All events are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.