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Tania Chen, Thomas Dimuzio, and Wobbly

A Bay Area all-star show of electronic, acoustic, and improvised sound worlds featuring Tania Chen, Thomas Dimuzio, and Wobbly.
Tania Chen is a pianist, experimental musician, free improviser, and sound artist, working with pianos, keyboards, found objects, toys, and vintage and lo-fi electronics. She studied piano with John Tilbury during her Master's program in Performance studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She has performed the music of John Cage, Earle Brown, Schoenberg, Webern, Satie, Scriabin, Andrew Poppy, Michael Parsons, and Chris Newman in the U.K., Europe, U.S., and Japan. She is equally known for her passion for free improvisation, performing alongside and collaborating with musicians that include Steve Beresford, John Edwards, Lol Coxhill, Alan Tomlinson, Roger Turner, John Butcher, Rhodri Davies and Terry Day.
San Francisco-based Thomas Dimuzio is one of those unsung artistic figures whose influence and abilities have substantially outstripped his visibility. Composer, collaborator, experimental electronic musician, multi-instrumentalist, improvisor, sound designer, and mastering engineer – Dimuzio has been busy doing his thing(s) since the late 1980s but is still only known to a small circle of electronic music enthusiasts. A true sonic alchemist who can seemingly create music events out of almost anything, Dimuzio's listed sound sources on his various releases include everything from "modified 10 speed bicycle" and "resonating water pipe" to short-wave radios, field recordings, loops, samplers, and even normal instruments. And while his wide range of musical interests make it impossible to pin a label on him, Dimuzio clearly has an insider's knowledge of classic experimental musical forms such as musique concrete and electroacoustic, as well as more current styles. Dimuzio’s pioneering and innovative use of live sampling, synthesis, signal processing, custom crossfade looping, and algorithmic mixing fuels a synergy of man and machine in his live performances. His music has been released internationally.
Wobbly is the moniker of Jon Leidecker, a San Francisco–based musician / composer of experimental electronic music. He has released works on Tigerbeat6, Illegal Art, Alku, Phthalo, and others. He has been producing music since 1987 and ongoing studio and live projects involve collaborations with People Like Us, Thomas Dimuzio, Kevin Blechdom, Tim Perkis, Matmos, and Negativland.



Thursday, October 20, 2016. 07:30 PM


CCRMA Stage, The Knoll


Department of Music