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Tzvetan Todorov: The Exemplary Life of Germaine Tillion

Harry Camp Memorial Lecturer

"Reflections on the Fall of the Wall" 
Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin wall, the time has come to reflect on the place of communism in recent history and on its present substitutes. 

"The Exemplary Life of Germaine Tillion" 
Tillion (1907-2008) was a French anthropologist and historian who joined the resistance against the German occupation in 1940. Deported to Ravensbrück, Tillion returned alive, struggled against violence, executions, and torture during the war with Algeria (1954-62), and wrote remarkable books. 


The theme of Todorov's seminars, "Artists and Dictators," notes a striking relationship between avant-garde ideologies in the first half of the twentieth century (futurism, Bauhaus, constructivism) and the images projected by the dictators (Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin) in these same countries. 

"Avant-garde Ideologies 1909-1939" 
Session co-sponsored by Philosophy and Literature at Stanford 

"The Dictator as Artist" 



Wednesday, May 5, 2010. 05:00 PM