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Vivian Nutton (Univ. College London): Beyond the Galenic canon; pharmacology and culture in second and third century Rome.

The Galenic Corpus contains many works long acknowledged not to have been written by Galen, and thus neglected even by medical historians despite their potentially wider interest. This talk will look at several tracts written by Galen’s contemporaries in Rome or in Asia Minor, mainly on pharmacology, and will place them in their wider cultural context.
Vivian Nutton, emeritus professor of the history of medicine at UCL, is now professor of the history of medicine at the First Moscow State Medical University. The revised edition of his Ancient Medicine appeared in 2013, the same year as his annotated translation of Galen’s De Indolentia, in Galen, Psychological Writings. A Fellow of the British Academy and of the German Academy of Sciences, he has written extensively on ancient medicine. He is preparing an annotated translation of a sixteenth-century work on anatomy, the Institutiones anatomicae, written by Johann Guinter and revised by Andreas Vesalius in 1538.



Monday, February 22, 2016. 05:15PM


Bldg. 110, Rm. 112


Department of Classics




Free and open to the public.  5 pm reception followed by 5:15 talk.