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"In a Winter Garden": A Contemplative Performance Work for Dance, Music, and Sculpture

This performance event is being held in conjunction with the 2017 Pan-Asian Music Festival.  Find out more about the festival here.
There will be three performances of this production, each running 30 minutes in length.  The performance times are:
1:30 pm, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm“In A Winter Garden” is both a music concert with dancers and a sculptural installation. The collaboration investigates the shared signature elements of Will Clift’s large-scale sculptures, Diane Frank’s site-specific choreography, and Jarek Kapuscinski’s music: intervals of balance, imbalance, and breathed connection within an ever-shifting environment. The performance explores Japanese aesthetics, particularly the Japanese concept of “ma”, a breath-related sense of interval in time and space. Both sculpture and movement will unfold within an enveloping ever-changing sonic environment. The winter sounds incorporated in the score were recorded by Japanese environmental sound artist Nao Nishahara in the Tohoku region of Japan after the tsunami. Japanese musician Ko Ishikawa, a master of the “sho”, an ancient Japanese wind instrument, will play in live performance. Seven dancers will explore the possibilities within a landscape of interlocking sculptural forms, not merely moving through it but actively creating and changing the sculptural elements in relation to the space, both configuring and traversing the permutations of that sculptural and sonic world.
Diane Frank, Dance ChoreographerJarosław Kapuściński, Music DirectorWill Clift, Sculpture ArtistKo Ishikawa, Shô (Japanese mouth organ) MusicianNao Nishihara, Sound Environment RecordingsCora Cliburn, Katharine Hawthorne, Jessica Fry, Glory Liu,Sydney Maly, Meg McNulty, Sarah Ribiero-Broomhead, DancersRylee Jackson, Technical Support



Saturday, February 4, 2017. 05:30 PM


Bing Concert Hall


Department of Music, Stanford Live, Stanford Arts, Center for East Asian Studies, Stanford Department of Theater & Performance Studies




Free and open to the public.