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New Initiatives

A New Digital Platform

We are moving the Center into the public sphere with an ambitious digital platform that will make the intellectual work of our community accessible to everyone. The Stanford Humanities Center is positioned to be the national leader in creating an online presence that shares humanistic knowledge with the world. This will be an unprecedented development: no other humanities center has developed a significant reach beyond its local community. Moreover, this platform will offer a permanent home for some of the projects being developed under the auspices of the university’s strategic plan, notably the “Public Humanities” area within the initiative called The Changing Human Experience. The benefit to Stanford's profile in the humanities is potentially enormous.

Career Launch Fellowships

As the job market has tightened, many deserving Stanford humanities PhD students find themselves requiring more than one year of dissertation support, or needing support later than the traditional model supposes. These situations extend the period of uncertainty between the end of conventional support and the beginning of a job or a postdoc. These late-stage fellowships will help provide PhDs with necessary funding to bridge their transition to a teaching position within the academy and will ensure that these emerging scholars are not lost to the profession after Stanford’s significant investment in them. Since no peer institution offers flexible, late-stage support that reflects the current conditions of the profession, this initiative will set a national standard.

Original Programming

We are staging new lecture series and other special events to bring research and perspectives from across the humanities to bear on pressing topics of the day, such as climate change, privacy, and the future of evidence.