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Building a Shared Urban Future: Public Seminar at Stanford University 11/13

International visitor discusses participatory planning and urban housing

Stanford Humanities Center international visitor, Andrea Jany, spoke about Participatory Planning at a recent seminar held at the Center on November 13 called, "Building a Shared Urban Future: From Creative Democracy to Participatory Planning."

Andrea Jany was in residence at the Center from October 23 to November 17, 2017.

She's the Co-Founder and Senior Research Expert in the Institute of Housing Research, and a doctoral candidate at the School of Architecture, Graz University of Technology in Austria. Her research focuses on resident satisfaction and housing requirements in the context of urban areas. She is also the project manager for a government funded research in Graz/Austria that aims to develop general guidelines for assessing the modernization possibilities of participatory designed residential buildings. Prior to these roles, she worked for almost a decade as a project manager for affordable housing in Styria, Austria. She holds a Master (Diploma) in Architecture from the Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany and studied at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center at Virginia Tech.