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Faculty in the News Archive:

November, 2008

November 30, 2008

[Quotes Stanford Film Society president and undergraduate Kerry

November 29, 2008

[Co-written by David M. Kennedy, professor emeritus of history]

November 25, 2008

"You Don't Say" blog in Baltimore Sun, November 25, 2008

November 18, 2008

[David Kennedy, professor emeritus of history]

November 17, 2008

[Stanford Laptop Orchestra, led by Ge Wang, assistant professor of
Includes video.]

November 16, 2008

[Reviewed by Valerie Miner, consulting professor of English and
Artist-in-Residence at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research.]

November 12, 2008

[Exhibit curator and San Francisco State University professor Mark Dean Johnson is co-director of Stanford"s Asian American Art Project, with professor of history Gordon Chang.]

November 9, 2008

[Quotes Janice Ross, associate professor (teaching) of drama.]

November 7, 2008

[Professor of history Gordon Chang is co-editor of "Asian
Art: A History, 1850-1970," published by the Stanford