Broken porcelain submerged in water.
If Pandora's Box Was a Cargo Container

Reflecting on Ever Given, the cargo ship stuck for six days in the Suez Canal in 2021, Young discusses the call to open a single cargo container as an Afrofuturist manifestation that moves beyond the logics of individual capitalism.

Graphic of two dolls sitting across from each other at a table. One of the dolls is blowing bubble gum and the other is smoking a cigarette. The cigarette-smoking doll has a book laid on the table
Staying In: Mitski, Ocean Vuong, and Asian American Asociality

Lee considers how the act of staying in, rather than going (or coming) out, gives shape to the racial performativity of Asian American asociality. “Asian American asociality” speaks to how Asian Americans have been racially figured as a problem for and of sociality, as assimilated, yet socially isolated, unrelatable subjects. Asian American asociality is not a refusal of the social, the relational, and the minoritarian world-making possibilities they hold. Instead, it is a means of inhabiting and navigating the social and relational differently to critique the contemporary liberal mandate for minoritarian subjects to be visible and legible. The article examines the music, video, performances, and social media presence of singer-songwriter Mitski and poet and writer Ocean Vuong, whose expressions and articulations of staying in are experimentations with what constitutes the social and relational as such.