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Current Center Fellows: 1984-1985

Paula Allen

Associate Fellow 1984-85

Native American Studies, University of California, Berkeley

"Native American Literature"

Carol Breckenridge

Associate Fellow 1984-85

Institute for the Study of Human Issues, Philadelphia

"Scale and Social Forms in Early Modern South India, 1350 to 1750"

James Carolan

Graduate Fellow 1983-84, 1984-85

Comparative Literature, Stanford University

Jane Collier

Internal Faculty Fellow 1984-85Anthropology, Stanford University"From Duty to Desire: Changing Justification for Action in a Spanish Village"

Nancy Fraser

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow 1984-85Philosophy, Northwestern University"The Uses and Abuses of History for Normative Political Philosophy"

Juliana Fusco

Graduate Fellow 1984-85Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University

Richard Gillam

Associate Fellow 1984-85

History, University of Redlands

"A Critical Intellectual and Personal Biography of C. Wrigt Mills"

Wendy Griswold

William Rice Kimball Fellow 1984-85

Sociology, University of Chicago

"Cultural Expression in Developing Societies: An Analysis of Authors and Fiction in African and Caribbean Nations"

Thomas Lutz

Graduate Fellow 1983-84, 1984-85

Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University

Marsh McCall

Internal Faculty Fellow 1984-85

Classics, Stanford University

"Actor's Roles and the Interpretation of Greek Tragedy"

Louise Montrose

Marta Sutton Weeks Fellow 1984-85

English, University of California, San Diego

"Elizabethan Culture: Reflections of Power and Resources of Form"

Jerome Neu

Marta Sutton Weeks Fellow 1984-85

Philosophy, University of California, Santa Cruz

"Moral Psychology, Psychoanalytic Theory, and the Emotions"

Genaro Padilla

William Rice Kimball Fellow 1984-85

English, University of Utah

"Nineteenth-Century Chicano Autobiographical Narrative"

Antje-Christiane Peterson-Weiner

Graduate Fellow 1983-84, 1984-85German Studies, Stanford University

Peter Railton

Associate Fellow 1984-85Philosophy, University of Michigan"Explaining Explanation: A Realist Account of Scientific Explanation and Understanding"

Nazif Shahrani

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow 1984-85Anthropology, Pitzer College"Traditional Leadership and Modern Political Conflicts: A Study of Kirghiz Khans"

Mary Wack

Internal Faculty Fellow 1984-85

English, Stanford University

"Lovesickness in the Middle Ages"