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Current Center Fellows: 1987-1988

Victoria Alexander

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1987-88Sociology, Stanford University"Social Aspects of the Shift from Modernism to Post-Modernism in Art"

Barbara Babcock

Internal Faculty Fellow 1987-88Law School, Stanford University"The Biography of Nineteenth-Century Woman Lawyer Clara Shortridge Foltz"

Robert Berkhofer

Marta Sutton Weeks Fellow 1987-88

History, University of Michigan

"Implications of Current Literary Theory for Historical Practice"

Edward Brown

Internal Faculty Fellow 1987-88

Slavic, Stanford University

"Literary Theory and Criticism in Russia"

Joan Burbick

Marta Sutton Weeks Fellow 1987-88

English, Washington State University

"In Search of Tranquility: Languages of Health in Nineteenth-Century America"

Brigitte Cazelles

Internal Faculty Fellow 1987-88

French and Italian, Stanford University

"A Reevaluation of the Grail Legend"

Elizabeth Cook

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1987-88

Comparative Literature, Stanford University

"Allegory and Changing Structures of Authority in the Eighteenth Century"

Rivka Feldhay

Ethel Wattis Kimball Fellow 1987-88

Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel-Aviv University

"Occult and Scientific Discourses in Tudor England: Two Modes of Signification and Power Relations"

David Halperin

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow 1987-88

Humanities, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Plato and the Metaphysics of Desire"

Mary Jean Corbett

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1987-88

English, Stanford University

"Nineteenth-Century Women's Autobiographies"

Lu Jun Yin

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1987-88Religious Studies, Stanford University"American Pragmatism and Neo-Confucianism"

John Kleiner

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1987-88

Comparative Literature, Stanford University

"New Readings of Dante"

Joan Lidoff

Associate Fellow 1987-88English, University of Texas, Austin"Fluid Boundaries: The Origins of Distinctive Women's Voice in Literature"

Jose Limon

Ford Fellow 1987-88Anthropology, University of Texas, Austin"Dancing with the Devil: Society and Popular Culture in Mexican American South Texas"

James Millward

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1987-88History, Stanford University"China's Inner-Asian Frontier"

Mary Pratt

Internal Faculty Fellow 1987-88

Spanish and Portugese, Stanford University

"Travel Writing and European Expansion, 1789-1914"

Richard Roberts

Internal Faculty Fellow 1987-88

History, Stanford University

"Gender, Crafts, and Colonialism: A Social History of a West African Handicraft Industry, 1800-1968"

Rodney Shewan

William Rice Kimball Fellow 1987-88

Music and Art, Minneapolis

"Aubrey Beardsley: The Illustrator as Critic"

Clifford Siskin

Associate Fellow 1987-88

English, Wayne State University

"Romanticism and the Discourse of Professionalism"

Maria Tai Wolff

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow 1987-88

Comparative Literature, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"The Nineteenth-Century Novel in Brazil: Imports and Innovations"

Stefano Varese

Ford Fellow 1987-88

Anthropology, Oaxaca, Mexico

"State, Class and Ethnicity: The Zapotecs of Oaxaca in Historical Perspective"

Nancy Webb Kelly

Dissertation Prize Fellow 1987-88

Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University

"The Paradigm of Play in Contemporary Literary Theory"