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Current Center Fellows: 1988-1989

Thomas Abercrombie

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow 1988-89

Anthropology, Fulbright Fellow, Bolivia

"The Production of Ethnicity and Domination in Bolivian Calendrical Feasts"

Nanette Auerhahn

Ethel Wattis Kimball Fellow 1988-89

California School of Professional Psychology

"Knowing the Holocaust: Toward an Integration of Psychoanalytic and Literary Perspectives"

Albert Camarillo

Internal Faculty Fellow 1988-89

History, Stanford University

"Mexican American in United States Urban History"

Alan Code

Marta Sutton Weeks Fellow 1988-89

Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley

"Philosophical Commentary on Book VII of Aristotle's Metaphysics"

Mark Csikszentmilhalyi

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1988-89

Asian Languages, Stanford University

"Comparison Between Eastern and Western Philosophical Traditions"

C. Daniel Salzman

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1988-89

Medical School, Stanford University

"Philosophic Aspects of Diagnosis and Disease"

Annie Finch

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1988-89

Stanford University

"19th Century American 'Poetesses'"

Hester Gelber

Internal Faculty Fellow 1988-89

Religious Studies, Stanford University

"Dominican Theology and the Intellectual Dominance of Oxford University: 1300-1340"

Mary Gluck

William Rice Kimball Fellow 1988-89

History, Brown University

"The Culture of Jewish Assimilation in Dualistic Hungary 1880-1918"

Elliott Gorn

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow 1988-89

American Studies/History, University of Miami

"American Sports: An Interpretive History"

Konrad Hamilton

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1988-89History, Stanford University"Affirmative Action: An Intellectual History"

Elisabeth Hansot

Associate Fellow 1988-89Political Science, University of Nevada, Reno"Professional Codes in Bureaucratic Settings: Can Altruism be Institutionalized"

Christopher Highley

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1988-89

English, Stanford University

"Engaging the Wild: The Construction of National Identity in Early Modern England"

Thomas Hodge

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1988-89

Slavic Languages and Literatures, Stanford University

"Relationship Between Russian Lyric Poetry and Russian Songs"

Katya Hokanson

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1988-89

Slavic Languages and Literatures, Stanford University

"'Orientatlism' in 19th Century Russia"

Julie Inness

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1988-89

Philosophy, Stanford University

"A Feminist Analysis of the Concept of Privacy"

Patricia Ismond

Ford Fellow 1988-89

English, University of the West Indies, Trinidad

"Derek Walcott's Achievement as a Dramatist"

Michael Jakob

Associate Fellow 1988-89

Comparative Literature, University of Geneva

"Paul Celan and French Poetry"

Michael McKeon

Marta Sutton Weeks Fellow 1988-89

English, Rutgers University

"Crisis Theory: Seventeenth-Century English Poetry and Division of Knowledge"

John Payne

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1988-89

English, Stanford University

"The Problem of Indirection in Translating Latin American Literature"

Jack Rakove

Internal Faculty Fellow 1988-89History, Stanford University"Original Meanings: Political Experience and Thought in Making of the Constitution"

Laura Rigal

Dissertation Prize Fellow 1988-89English, Stanford University"An American Manufactory: Philadelphia and the Arts of Enlightenment, 1783-1810"

J. Scott Johnson

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1988-89

Political Science, Stanford University

"Theatrical Dimensions of Modern Politics"

Tasha Spencer

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1988-89

Classics, Stanford University

"Boundary Between Theological and Scientific Speculation: The Example of Plato's Timaeus"

Carolyn Williams

Associate Fellow 1988-89

English, Brown University

"Theoretical Problems in Autobiography: A Nineteenth-century Study"

Kwesi Yankah

Ford Fellow 1988-89

Linguistics, University of Ghana

"African Traditional Rhetoric: The Royal Spokesman of Ghana"