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Current Center Fellows: 1990-1991


Ford Fellow 1990-91

Philosophy, San Francisco State University

"The Structure of Unity of the Self"

Shahid Amin

Ford Fellow 1990-91

History, University of New Delhi

"The Structure of Nationalist and Judicial Discourse: The Riot at Chauri Chaura as Metaphor and Event"

Andrew Bell

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1990-91

Classics, Stanford University

"The Politics and Poetics of Roman Spectacle in the First Century B.C."

Michael Bratman

Internal Faculty Fellow 1990-91

Philosophy, Stanford University

"Joint Intention and Rational Action"

Shirley Brice Heath

Special Fellow for Research and Development 1990-91English and Linguistics, Stanford University

Steven Brown

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1990-91Comparative Literature, Stanford University"Staging Contingency in Greek Tragedy and Japanese Noh Drama"

Erin Carlston

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1990-91Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University"Nationalism, Expatriation, and the Marginal Writer"

Julie Cassiday

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1990-91Slavic Languages and Literatures, Stanford University"The Theater of the World and the Theater of the State: Drama and the Show Trial in Early Soviet Russia"

Xiao-mei Chan

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow 1990-91East Asian Languages and Literatures, Ohio State University"A Dialogue Between History, Ideology, and Politics: A Critical Study of Modern Drama in Post-Maoist China"

Paul David

Ellen Andrews Wright Fellow 1990-91

Economics, Stanford University

"The Economics of Patronage, Intellectual Property, and the Historical Roots of the Institutions of Open Science"

Arnold Davidson

Marta Sutton Weeks Fellow 1990-91

Philosophy and the History of Science, University of Chicago

"The History and Epistemology of Norms and Deviation"

Gregory Guy

Internal Faculty Fellow 1990-91

Linguistics, Stanford University

"Creole Language in Latin America"

Robert Harrison

Internal Faculty Fellow 1990-91

French and Italian, Stanford University

"The Idea of the Forest in the Western Imagination"

Margo Hendricks

Ford Fellow 1990-91

English, San Jose State University

"Cultural Property: Patronage and the Professional Women Playwright in Seventeenth-Century England"

Daniel Herwitz

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow 1990-91Philosophy, California State University, Los Angeles"Theory in Twentieth Century Art and Aesthetics"

Dane Johnson

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1990-91English, Stanford University"'The Flowering of Tradition' Faulkner, Marquez, Walker and the Creation of Literary Value"

Bonnie McElhinny

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1990-91Linguistics, Stanford University"Class and Gender Distinctions in Linguistics Usage"

John McWhorter

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1990-91Linguistics, Stanford University"The Relationship Between Native Languages, Creole Languages and Social History"

Tyrus Miller

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1990-91

English, Stanford University

"Modernist Literature and Cit Spaces"

Michael Predmore

Donald Andrews Whittier Faculty Fellow 1990-91

Spanish and Portugese, Stanford University

"The Evolving Aesthetics of Ramon del Valle-Inclan: Liberal and Popular Conceptions of Art"

Julio Ramos

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow 1990-91

Spanish, University of California, Berkeley

"Politics of Language in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Latin America"

Morton Sosna

Special Fellow 1990-91

American Studies, Stanford University

"War and Region: The American South and World War II"

Wendy Wall

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1990-91

History, Stanford University

"Systems of Social Classifications: Race and Class in the Western United States"

Elizabeth Wood

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1990-91

Political Science, Stanford University

"Collective Action Under Conditions of Social Oppression"