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Current Center Fellows: 1991-1992

Kathleen Canning

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow 1991-92

History, University of Michigan

"Behind the Mill Gate: Gender, Class, and the Politics of Work in the German Textile Industry, 1880-1930"

Joseph Corn

Internal Faculty Fellow 1991-92

History, Stanford University

"Texts and Technics: Automobiles, Knowledge, and Society, 1895-1935"

Deborah Esch

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow 1991-92

English, University of Toronto

"Lines of Resistance: Reading the James Family"

Larry Friedlander

Internal Faculty Fellow 1991-92

English, Stanford University

"Entranced Playing: Shakespeare's Scripts and the Phenomenology of Performance"

Rudolf Gaudio

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1991-92

Linguistics, Stanford University

"Arab-African Contacts and Ethnolinguistic Identity in Islamic Africa"

Adam Goldgeier

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1991-92Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University"Garbage, Individuality, and Environmentalist Re-readings of the Myths of Product and Progress"

Sandra Greene

Ford Fellow 1991-92History, Kalamazoo College"Strangers, Cults and Kinships in Precolonial Anlo: The Historical Development of a West African Coastal Community"

David Hahn

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1991-92Music, Stanford University"Gothic and Renaissance Compositional Processes"

Leslie Harris

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1991-92History, Stanford University"Working-Class Cultures in the Antebellum Black Community, 1815-1860"

Katherine Hayles

Marta Sutton Weeks Fellow 1991-92

English, University of Iowa

"Virtual Bodies: Physicality and Information in Cybernetics and Contemporary Literature"

Katherine Jolluck

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1991-92

History, Stanford University

"Gender, Identity, and the Polish Experience of War, 1939-1945"

Michael Jones

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1991-92

English, Stanford University

"Citation and Translation in Chaucer's Text"

Peter Knutson

Associate Fellow 1991-92

Anthropology, Highline Community College

"Master and Slave Aboard Ship: Developing a Critical Autoethnography of Power and Language"

Adrienne Martin

Ellen Andrews Wright Fellow 1991-92

Spanish, Stanford University

"Las Marginadas: Exceptional Women in Early Modern Spain"

Kathryn McKnight

Dissertation Prize Fellow 1991-92

Spanish and Portugese, Stanford University

"Mystic Discourse and Gender in the Negotiation of Authority: The Writings of La Madre Castillo"

Kevin Mumford

Compton Dissertation Fellow 1991-92

History, Stanford University

"Race, Sexuality and Taboo: A History of Miscegenation in the North, 1864-1930"

Felicity Nussbaum

Marta Sutton Weeks Fellow 1991-92English, University of California, Los Angeles"The Torrid Zone: Narratives of Maternity, Sexuality, and Empire, 1740-1792"

Carine Peelaers

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1991-92German Studies, Stanford University"Poetry in Post-Modernism and its Relationship with the Popular Arts"

Shanker Raman

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1991-92English, Stanford University"The Colonial World System and its Representations in Maps and Texts"

Brian Rotman

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow 1991-92Mathematics, Independent Scholar"Taking God out of Mathematics"

Jorge Ruffinelli

Internal Faculty Fellow 1991-92

Spanish, Stanford University

"Rural Myth, Urban Myth: The Literary Cases of Juan Rulfo and Juan Carlos Onetii"

Gita Srinviasan

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1991-92

Anthropology, Stanford University

"Identity, Imagination, Narrative: The Indian Diaspora in Trinidad, England, and the United States"

Melinda Takeuchi

Violet Andrews Whittier Faculty Fellow 1991-92

Art, Stanford University

"In and Out of Capital: The Kano Development of Japanese Genre Painting"

David Tyack

Donald Andrews Whittier Faculty Fellow 1991-92

Education, Stanford University

"Tinkering Towards Utopia: A History of Public School Reform in America"

Andrey Ustinov

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1991-92

Slavic Languages and Literatures, Stanford University

"The Russian Avant-Garde in Transition"

Steven Von Zoeren

Internal Faculty Fellow 1991-92

Asian Languages, Stanford University

"The Public Life of Tang Poetry"

Ana Zentella

Ford Fellow 1991-92Black and Puerto Rican Studies, Hunter College"Growing up Bilingual in el Barrio: Intergenerational Perspectives"

Yingjin Zhang

Pre-Doctoral Fellow 1991-92Comparative Literature, Stanford University"Imag(in)ing the the City in Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature and Film"