Empire of Refugees
Empire of Refugees: North Caucasian Muslims and the Late Ottoman State
by Vladimir Hamed-Troyansky (SHC Fellow '24)
Book Cover of Natural Things in Early Modern Worlds
Natural Things in Early Modern Worlds
by Mackenzie Cooley, Anna Toledano (SHC Fellow '23), and Duygu Yildirim (SHC Fellow '20) (eds.)
Cover image for the Palimpsests Virtual Exhibit
Palimpsests - The Visual Afterlives of Slavery
by Isabela Fraga (SHC Fellow '23)
Monique Allewaert Poster
Celebrate the Fellows 2023
by Stanford Humanities Center '23 Fellows
Research Project
CESTA Anthology
CESTA Research Anthology 2022
by Stephanie Castaneda Perez and Zelig Jacob Dov