The Nature of Partnership

The Stanford Humanities Center (SHC) welcomes inquiries about partnerships with research institutes and other organizations of compatible interests. We recognize the following levels of partnership:

  • The two institutions agree to exchange information about events and opportunities and to share announcements within their own communities. Many events at the SHC are hybrid (online as well as in-person) and open to all.  
  • Meetings are held across the two institutions: for example, a Research Workshop at the SHC meets with a corresponding group at a partner to discuss a topic of common interest; or a speaker is invited jointly for a hybrid event.
  • Partners may propose to publish work by their members in SHC's Arcade: for example, a scholar may submit a blog post about their current work as an Intervention or a recent article to an existing Colloquy; or a partner group may propose proceedings of a conference to be published as a Colloquy.
  • Projects are shared across partner institutions: for example, in a multidisciplinary project each partner contributes according to its expertise and resources.
  • Partners apply jointly for funding, drawing on local, national, and/or international sources.
  • Outcomes of collaborative projects are published jointly or in series.

Partnerships may develop over time, with one level leading to the next. We encourage prospective partners to survey the SHC's activities and events (e.g. Research Workshops, events in the public humanities, and digital publications) for possible forms of partnership.

Current Partners

Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities, University of California, Berkeley
Dahlem Humanities Center, Free University of Berlin
School of Advanced Study, University of London
Humanities Center, University of Rochester
Critical Global Studies Institute, Sogang University