Caitlin Murphy Brust

SHC Dissertation Prize Fellow
Philosophy of Education, Stanford University

Caitlin Murphy Brust is a PhD Candidate in Philosophy of Education at Stanford University. She holds an MA in Philosophy. She studies educational justice both philosophically and empirically, exploring what constitutes (un)just epistemic environments in U.S. higher education and how educators, students, and institutions themselves can combat forms of epistemic injustice within these environments. Her interdisciplinary research draws from feminist and social epistemology, liberal and democratic education, and ethical and political theory; she also uses qualitative methods to explore how college students and educators identify as knowers and navigate relations of knowledge, identity, and power in the liberal arts classroom.

SHC Project

Resisting Epistemic Injustice in U.S. Higher Education: A Feminist Reconceptualization of Liberal Education

Publications and Projects

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Caitlin Murphy Brust and Hannah Widmaier, “U.S. Higher Education’s Civic Responsibility to Educate for Informal Political Representation,” Educational Theory (forthcoming 2024).

Caitlin Murphy Brust, “Epistemic Injustice in Education,” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education (forthcoming 2023).

Caitlin Murphy Brust and Rebecca M. Taylor, “Resisting Epistemic Injustice: The Responsibilities of College Educators at HPWIs,” Educational Theory (forthcoming 2023).

Caitlin Murphy Brust, “Reimagining ‘Learning For Its Own Sake’ in Liberal Education,” Philosophy of Education 77, no. 1 (September 2021), 150-163.

Public Writing:

Caitlin Murphy Brust, “‘So where are they all?’: The search for mentorship in academia as a matter of ethics and justice | A Q&A with Harry Brighouse,” McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society news website, forthcoming in August 2023.

Caitlin Murphy Brust and Minju Choi, “The Limits of Educational Transformation: Why We Must Resist Epistemic Injustice in U.S. Higher Education,” Stanford Graduate School of Education Public Scholarship Collective, forthcoming in August 2023.

Caitlin Murphy Brust, “‘Ethics & the Academy’: Making Space for Ethical Reflection,” McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society news website, October 7, 2022.

Caitlin Brust

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