2016 Thesis Documentary Film Screening

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Thesis films produced over the course of the year by graduating students in the MFA in Documentary Film and Video Program.

Q&A and Reception to immediately follow screening.


Encounters in Lot C by Sami Chan - 26 min.

Night falls in a parking lot and a filmmaker has a series of unusual encounters.

Drift by Chris Ward - 21 min.

One filmmaker's quest to understand his father and the record-breaking ocean voyage he made 43 years ago.

The Sandman by Lauren Knapp - 21 min.

A doctor walks the line of his own morality as he participates in lethal injections, while personally opposing capital punishment.

January by Alexandra Swati Guild - 25 min.

Moments of intimacy and distance unfold before us in this quiet examination of family life across three generations of women.

Charlie by Kadri Koop - 14 min.

Four decades after hijacking a plane to Cuba to avoid charges of killing a state trooper, a former black power militant reflects on his past in a letter to his nine-year-old Cuban son.

No Harm No Foul by Cheng Zhang - 22 min.

In the tendency to assume that science-based conclusions are objective and reliable, public health tragedies are allowed to occur repeatedly.

El Cisne by Daniel Chávez Ontiveros - 22 min.

After a long period of absence, Sthefany decides to go back home in Mexico to confront her parents about her gender identity.

Ramped Up by Reid Davenport - 17 min.

Robert Kalani has filed about 60 lawsuits under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Lee Ky's family-owned donut shop, which she manages from her wheelchair, got sued under the ADA.  Twenty six years after its signing, is the law a means of activism or an enabler of abuse?