"Above Street Level" A Performance by Yalini Dream and Jendog Lonewolf

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Through a unique blend of Hip Hop, Theater, Poetry, and Dance, partners in art and love Jendog Lonewolf and YaliniDream demonstrate a politic of pluralism and solidarity through creative practice in their soul-touching collaboration Above Street Level.  Bringing forth stories of their respective communities-- South Asian (Sri Lankan Tamil), Indigenous (Blackfoot and Cherokee) and West Indian (Grand Caymanian)-- they lovingly and unapologetically, intersect class, race, gender, and sexuality.  They navigate survival, spirit and desire amid inter-generational traumas, community homophobia, the legacy of war, and violence within communities-- bringing underground aesthetics and stories that are often marginalized or closeted to Above Street Level.

Short bios:

Jendog Lonewolf is a Hip Hop MC/Lyricist and Photographer, mixed with Blackfoot, Cherokee, and the Grand Cayman Islands.   A Self-proclaimed Ghetto Ambassador, born & bred in pre-hipster/pre-gentrified Bushwick, Brooklyn, Jendog navigates multiple spaces, challenging stereotypes and delivering messages of Love, Life, social justice and Self-defense through her dope, sharp, layered 'organic' photography and lyricism.  She delivers hard-hitting, factual rhymes loaded with veracity, telling stories of how she lives, loves, learns, and sees.

Lankan Tamil Blood, Manchester Born, Texas bred and Brooklyn steeped, YaliniDream lives in the borderlands where poetry is theater is love is movement is song is prayer is rebellion.  She conjures spirit-- reshaping reality and seeking peace through justice in the lands of earth, psyche, soul, and dream.