Another Look Book Club - A Month in the Country

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Join us for the Another Look book club discussion of J.L. Carr's A Month in the Country

Our new director, the distinguished author Robert Pogue Harrison, will moderate the discussion. Harrison, who writes regularly for the New York Review of Books, is a Stanford professor of Italian literature and host for the radio talk show, “Entitled Opinions.” He will be joined by the acclaimed novelist Tobias Wolff, the founding director of Another Look and a Stanford professor emeritus of English. The third member of the panel will be Jane Shaw, the new dean of religious life at Stanford and the author of several books. The former Oxford dean is also professor of religious studies. Each will bring a different perspective to the award-winning masterpiece, which recalls a time of happiness, healing, and lost chances in the Yorkshire countryside during the summer of 1920.

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