Celebrating the Opening of the David Rumsey Map Center

This is an Archive of a Past Event

The David Rumsey Map Center is a unique collections-based resource designed to provide access to cartographic information in all of its forms from paper to digital. In addition to housing a large collection of rare atlases and maps, it is furnished with high-resolution screens equipped with interactive tools for engaging with the digital images.

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April 19, 2016

6:00-7:00 pm      Grand Opening and Open House

April 20, 2016

10:00-10:45         Grant Parker: Mapmaking Before Maps

10:45-11:30         Chet Van Duzer: Early Maps as Sources for Historical Research

11:30-12:15         Anne Knowles: What Could Lee See at Gettysburg?

12:15-1:15           Break

1:15-2:15             Anne Knowles: How GIS Turns Maps into Data and Stories, A Demo

2:15-3:00             David Asbury: How to Tell a Story with Esri Story Maps, A Demo

3:00-3:30             Break

3:30-4:30             David Rumsey, G. Salim Mohammed, and Center Staff: Touch Screen Exhibit Demo, iPads, Oculus Rift, Historic Survey Instruments and Mova Globes

4:30-6:00             Open House

April 21, 2016

8:45-9:45             Susan Schulten: Children's Maps and Visual Literacy in Early America

9:45-10:30           David Rumsey: Pictorial Maps

10:30-10:45         Break

10:45-11:30         Kären Wigen: Unpacking the Omi Kuniezu : A Monumental Manuscript Map at the David Rumsey Map Center

11:30-12:15         Zephyr Frank: Historical Maps and Economic Histories

12:15-1:15           Break

1:15-2:15             Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA) Workshop

2:15-3:15             Stace Maples: Hacking Rumsey Center Collections

3:15-3:30             Break

3:30-4:15             Chet Van Duzer: New Light on Henricus Martellus’s World Map at Yale (c. 1491): Multispectral Imaging and Early Renaissance Cartography

4:15-5:00             Grant Parker: Student presentations

5:00-6:00             Open House

April 22, 2016

9:00 am - 5:00 pm             Open House