COLLOQUIUM: "Religion, Representation, and Injury"

This is an Archive of a Past Event

How does one negotiate the moral impasse between minority claims of blasphemous representation on the one hand, and liberal arguments for the freedom of expression on the other? How do we understand the tangled relationships of gender and religious authority, of individual rights and community identities? The global events over the past few months have exacerbated these tensions and raised important questions about the relationship between artistic representations, religion, and minority identity, the debates around free speech on the one hand, and offensive religious representations on the other. Religion, Representation, and Injury is a one-day colloquium organized to address questions of cultural representations and religious injury.

Speakers include: Ann Pellegrini (NYU),  Evelyn Alsultany (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), Ebony Coletu (Penn State University) and Cherrie Moraga (Stanford University). Moderated by Jisha Menon (Stanford University).

This event is sponsored by TAPS and the Stanford Initiative for Religious and Ethnic Understanding and Coexistence.