A Company of Authors

This is an Archive of a Past Event

For the fifteenth consecutive year, an amazing group of Stanford writers will be discussing their recently published books. Each author will make a brief presentation and be available for book signing.

The authors who are scheduled to present include: Nancy Kollmann (The Russian Empire 1450–1801); Irvin D. Yalom (Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist’s Memoir); Marilyn Yalom (The Amorous Heart: An Unconventional History of Love); Karen Offen (The Woman Question in France, 1400–1870); Carolyn Lougee (Facing the Revocation); Priya Satia (Empire of Guns: The Violent Making of the Industrial Revolution); Peter Stansky et al. (The Stanford Senate of the Academic Council); Peter N. Carroll (An Elegy for Lovers); Aidan Forth (Barbed-Wire Imperialism: Britain’s Empire of Camps, 1876–1903); Mikael D. Wolfe (Watering the Revolution: An Environmental and Technological History of Agrarian Reform in Mexico); Thomas S. Mullaney (The Chinese Typewriter: A History); Patrick Hunt (Hannibal); Eleanor Maccoby (A Memoir 1917–2017); Aiko Takeuchi-Demirci (Contraceptive Diplomacy); Philippa Levine (Eugenics); Keith Devlin (Finding Fibonacci); Tom DeMund (Walking the Farm); Steven J. Zipperstein (Pogrom: Kishinev and the Tilt of History); Cynthia Haven (Evolution of Desire: A Life of René Girard); Donald Kennedy (A Place in the Sun: A Memoir); and Jack Rakove (A Politician Thinking: The Creative Mind of James Madison).

This program is hosted by Peter Stansky, Field Professor of History, Emeritus, Stanford. Drop in, or even better, indulge yourself by spending the entire afternoon in the company of these bright, entertaining, and stimulating writers. At the event, the Stanford Bookstore will sell books at a 10-percent discount, and authors will sign copies. Please note, the schedule is subject to change. Light refreshments will be served.