Energy Seminar: Natural Gas talk and discussion

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Rob Jackson, Professor, Earth System Science (moderator)

Todd Sostek, Site Assessment, Mitigation and Environmental Research Manager, SoCalGas

Talk Title and Abstract: Southern California Gas Company: A Research Program to Address California’s Low Carbon Fuel Future

California has adopted forward looking environmental and sustainability policies which will dramatically alter and possibly reduce the use of natural gas as we know it today. Southern California Gas Company sees natural gas as a key part of California’s future energy mix, not simply as a bridge fuel to renewables. A balanced energy mix increases the resiliency and affordability of our energy infrastructure. This presentation will present the challenges facing a large gas utility and research needs to address these challenges. The topics include Clean Generation, Clean Transportation, Renewable Energy, Customer End Use Applications, and Gas Co. Operations. The SoCalGas research agenda will focus on demonstrating, developing and commercializing new technology that 1) increases combustion efficiency, while lowering cost and emissions; 2) increases the availability of renewables such as biofuels; 3) strengthens the integrity and safety of gas operations; and 4) uses natural gas as a feedstock fuel in new distributed energy generation equipment such as fuel cells.

Gerry Bong, Gas Engineer, R&D and Innovation, PG&E

Talk Title and Abstract: New Technologies for Natural Gas Operations

The activity of a downstream gas operator such as PG&E involves a broad range of technologies from inspecting in service pipelines, optimizing performance of compression, storage and regulation facilities, detecting and repairing leaks, protecting, locating and excavating underground assets, metering and controlling the flow of gas. Through a strong network of partners in the USA and abroad PG&E is constantly benchmarking its practices and looking for new solutions to improve the safety and reliability of its systems. The presentation will highlight current technology developments as well as scientific challenges that gas operators are working to address today.