Film Screening: Mammuth (2010)

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Serge Pilardosse retires from the company of pork quartering where he has been earning his bread for years. At 60 years old, he plans on finally living his life to the fullest. But Serge soon discovers that he doesn’t have all the required points to receive his pension, since some of his previous employers forgot to declare him. Convinced by his wife Catherine, he decides to go on a quest for these pay slips, riding his old 1970 « Mammuth », and going back through all the different stages of his past life. After Aaltra (2004) Delépine and Kervern have created another dark humour hit with this quirky road-movie on the country lanes of the Charente-Maritime.

This film is part of the DLCL Spring 2015 Film Series, "Bitter Laughter." Take a look at this series' complete list of films.