Film Screening: Short film selections

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Please join us for a collection of four internationally renowned dark comedy short films.  We will watch Shawn Christensen’s Curfew (2012), which features a young man in the middle of a suicide attempt who receives an unexpected request to babysit his eccentric niece.  Also on the program is Hallvar Witzø’s Tuba Atlantic (2012), about a curmudgeonly old man’s last few days on earth spent trying to contact his brother with the help of a young, determined Angel of Death.  Bryan Buckely’s Asad (2012), a South African film, follows a young boy with a string of bad luck who finds an unexpected friend when he goes fishing.  Finally, The Mozart of Pickpockets (2006) by Philippe Pollet-Villard presents an unexpected family of thieves that takes in a mute street urchin who teaches them some new tricks of the trade.