Formative History, Challenges, and New Directions

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Symposium Hosted by the Assyrian Studies Association

This three-day symposium brings together graduate students and academics from different disciplines across the globe to share their work and exchange experiences related to Assyrian Studies. It provides a venue for scholars working on questions of Assyrian culture and heritage, space (including homeland and diaspora), and history, an opportunity to foster collaboration and discuss challenges. The symposium encourages participants to re-imagine how engaging in the field of Assyrian Studies has prompted them to pursue research that re-centers preservation and ethics within their own academic fields as well as reaching across boundaries.

The 2023 program chairs, Alexandra Lazar (Assyrian Studies Association and University of California, Davis), Professor Sargon Donabed (Assyrian Studies Association and Roger Williams University) Professor Hannibal Travis (Assyrian Studies Association and Florida International University), Daniel Tower (University of Sydney), and Cynthia Yonan, look forward to your attendance. This event is open to the public.

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Assyrian Studies Symposium

The 2023 symposium is co-sponsored by the Stanford Humanities Center, Roger Williams University, University of Salamanca, Nineveh Chair at the University of Salamanca, Lamassu Arak, the Assyrian Foundation of America, and Miner Family Winery.