Hans Tutschku: Electroacoustic Music

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Composer Hans Tutschku presents a program using full 3D surround sound through a 25.6 diffusion system installed in Braun Rehearsal Hall for Music 222 "Sound in Space" (Hans Tutschku will be participating in tha course with masterclasses and colloquiums). With an impressive catalogue of compositions, including a collection of engaging multimedia productions, Hans Tutschku – faculty member and director of the electroacoustic studios at Harvard University – uses precise craftsmanship in compositional techniques to allow the listener "to hear only the voice of the music he has created and not the technology." Featured are Tutschku's electroacoustic music works, including some of his most recent compositions: Firmament-schlaflos (24-channel), Klaviersammlung (16-channel), and Issho-ni (16-channel). | Hans Tutschku's visit is made possible by a generous contribution received from the Shenson Family.