Hillel@Stanford Half-Century Community Open House

This is an Archive of a Past Event

You're invited to a special open house at Hillel@Stanford! In celebration of its Half-Century Anniversary, Hillel@Stanford is bringing you an afternoon of learning opportunities and entertainment that represents its diverse community.

12:00 pm  -  Community Lunch: A kosher meal hosted by the Stanford Minyan

1:30 pm  -  Jewish Learning Opportunity: Rabbi Ari Cartun, who was executive director of Hillel@Stanford for 21 years, from 1975-1996, invigorating Jewish life at Stanford and inspiring generations of students

2:30 pm  -  TED Talks showcasing esteemed Nobel Laureates on Stanford’s faculty: Ken Arrow, an American economist, writer and political theorist, and Al Roth, who will be discussing the economics of matchmaking

3:30 pm  -  Jewish Women's Theatre: “JWT was conceived in 2007 with the express purpose of developing stories written by Jewish women about their lives in America today.” –Ronda Spinak ‘80, co-founder of the Jewish Women’s Theatre

4:30 pm - Struggling in Good Faith book talk with former Hillel Rabbi Mychal Copeland. Struggling in Good Faith, edited by Mychal Copeland and D’vorah Rose, is a multifaceted source book telling the story of reconciliation, celebration and struggle for LGBTQI inclusion across the American religious landscape.

Hillel’s Half-Century year, 2015-16, celebrates the growth, innovation, and future of Jewish life at one of America’s leading universities. All Hillel@Stanford Half-Century anniversary events are generously underwritten in part by grants from the Taube and Koret Foundations. All events are free and open to the public.