This is an Archive of a Past Event

Weston Olencki, Helen Newby, and Bethanne Walker perform premieres by Dan Tramte and Santiago Diez-Fischer, as well as music by Matthias Kranebitter and Chris Swithinbank, plus a new arrangement of Michelle Lou’s untitled three part construction for trombone + two performers + objects.


  • Dan Tramte - #hijackthishashtag for solo untrained voice, objects, edibles, melodica, hacked DJ-hero controller, and live video (world premiere, 2016)
  • Santiago Diez-Fischer - sensitive switch for trombone, cello, and electronics (world premiere, 2016)
  • Matthias Kranebitter - packtheboxwithsixdozenofmyliquorjugs for flute, trombone, and piano (2013)
  • Chris Swithinbank - local bond for viola, cello, and four performers (2015)
  • Michelle Lou - untitled three part construction for trombone and two performers (2015; new version world premiere, 2016)