Juraj Kojs: E-Slovakia T

This is an Archive of a Past Event

This is an interdisciplinary work combining sound and movement in a real-time controlled environment, contemplating experiences from Juraj Kojs's native Slovakia. A set of wireless sensors developed at Aarhus University (Denmark) are attached to the body of the performer. Ancient Slovakian bass-pipe fujara, insistent vocalizations, and folk-inspired piano tunes are interwoven into a story of an immigrant as soundscapes unfold poignantly into a technology-infused presence. 

Juraj Kojs is a Slovakian composer, performer, multimedia artist, and producer residing in the U.S. Juraj's creative and research work reaches to the areas of music at the threshold of hearing, action-based acoustic and electroacoustic music, cyberinstruments created with physical modeling synthesis, tactile music, native instruments from central Europe, contemporary concert music, dance music, interactive audio-visual performance, muscle-powered multimedia, music with everyday objects, and graphic notation.