Martha Rosler Appearing in Public: Public Sphere and Public Space

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Stanford American Studies Program presents as part of its ART & SOCIAL CRITICISM lecture series a lecture by


 Appearing in Public: Public Sphere and Public Space

The eminent artist, theorist, and educator, Martha Rosler, is one of the most highly regarded feminist and political artists of her generation. She is known for her incisive analyses of the myths and realities of public culture, especially gender, war and security, civil rights, urbanism, and homelessness. Her works in photography and photomontage, video and installation, as well as her public projects, have circulated internationally at major museums and biennials. Her 1975 video, Semiotics of the Kitchen; 1967-72 anti-war photomontage series, House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home; and 1981 essay, “In, Around, and Afterthoughts (On Documentary Photography),” all ushered in a new confidence for conceptual practices. Rosler has published sixteen books of art, photography, and critical essays, including the influential If You Lived Here: The City in Art, Theory, and Social Activism” (1991) and Culture Class (2012). Her book, Art of Cooking, an imaginary conversation between Julia Childs and Craig Claiborne, substantially composed of quotations from cookbooks, is forthcoming.