"Moby Dick - Rehearsed"

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Welles’ extraordinary blank-verse adaptation of Herman Melville’s masterpiece. A stunning invocation of the sea, the hunt, the infectious mania of Captain Ahab, and the collective energy of live performance, “Moby Dick – Rehearsed” harnesses the power of the theater to turn shadow into substance and imagination into reality.

Bay Area treasure Rod Gnapp takes on the role of Ahab, joining Stanford Rep’s acting ensemble that includes Peter Ruocco (Wanderings of Odysseus), Courtney Walsh (Happy Days), and David Raymond (Importance of Being Earnest). The original score by New York composer Michael Keck (2009 ElectraFestival) mixes Puritan hymns, sea chanties, and the haunting songs of the humpback whale.

Stanford Rep brings “Moby Dick – Rehearsed” to its theatrical life in a highly physical, deeply engaging, Melville and Welles-worthy production!