Novel Knowledge: Honoring John Bender

This is an Archive of a Past Event
Join us for a two day conference honoring Stanford scholar John Bender’s contributions to eighteenth-century studies. Bender is the Jean G. and Morris M. Doyle Professor in Interdisciplinary Studies at Stanford University.
John Bender's research and teaching focus on the eighteenth century in England and France. His special concerns include the relationship of literature to the visual arts, to philosophy and science, as well as to the sociology of literature and critical theory. He is on the faculty in both English and Comparative Literature. Bender is the author of Spenser and Literary Pictorialism (1972), Imagining the Penitentiary: Fiction and the Architecture of Mind in 18th-Century England (1987), which received the Gottschalk Prize of the American Society for 18th-Century Studies, and (as co-author with Michael Marrinan) The Culture of Diagram (2010). He has published articles on Shakespeare, Piranesi, Hogarth, Hume, Goldsmith, Blake, Godwin, Laclos and on theoretical issues including fictionality and scientific inquiry. Many of his essays are collected in Ends of Enlightenment (2012). He is co-editor of The Ends of Rhetoric: History, Theory, Practice (1990), Chronotypes: The Construction of Time (1991), The Columbia History of the British Novel (1994), the Oxford World Classics edition of Tom Jones (1996), and Regimes of Description: In the Archive of the Eighteenth Century (2005).
Bender was the director of the Stanford Humanities Center from 2001 to 2008.
Speakers: Toni Bowers, Isabelle Bour, Pamela Cheek, Elizabeth H. Cook, Peter de Bolla, Simon Dickie, Jonathan Kramnick, Jonathan Lamb, Deidre Lynch, Michael McKeon, Anne Mellor, Jesse Molesworth, Felicity Nussbaum, Brad Pasanek, Natalie Phillips, Paula McDowell, David Porter, John Richetti, Clifford Siskin, William B. Warner
Presented by: Stanford University Libraries
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