PERFORMANCE: "The Mathematics of Love," by Cherrie Moraga

This is an Archive of a Past Event

MAY 5-7 at 8PM and MAY 8 at 4PM | NITERY THEATER | TICKETS $5-15 HERE

A new play from TAPS artist-in-residence Cherríe Moraga, The Mathematics of Love takes place in the lobby of the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel at the turn of the 21st century. Peaches, an aging (and mid-staged Alzheimer’s) Mexican woman and her Anglo husband, Poppa, are awaiting the arrival of their out-of-town son, God, who is to throw an anniversary party for them. Enter the 16th century Native female slave-turned-slaveholder, MalinXe, wearing red lipstick and sunglasses with “a small pyramid of Louis Vuitton luggage” trailing behind her. Her satirical presence digs up the dirt of a Tongva landscape, the nagging disquiet of those “Old San Gabriel Mission Days,” and an unreconciled story between mother and daughter. In Peaches’ time-traveling re-encounter with MalinXe, she is forced to concede a radically revised ledger on her life; its loves and losses -- the sum of 500-years of colonization.

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