Primary Source Panel: Natasha Patel and Brian Cabral

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Please join the Critical Carceral Studies Collective for the second installment of the Primary Source Panel series. CCSC’s Primary Source Panels are an ongoing series where graduate students in the early stages of their research projects discuss a single primary source from their research. In doing so, the Primary Source Panels index the archive of carceral studies across our various disciplines, methodologies, geographies, and time periods.

Natasha Patel (PhD candidate, Political Science) will discuss her paper “The Abolitionist Ethic: A Political Ethics of the Police and Prison Abolition Movement,” and Brian Cabral (PhD candidate, GSE) will talk about his work in progress on abolitionist praxis in working with young people directly impacted by the carceral state. He will also discuss his recent publication “Get With It: Extending the Study of Educational Carcerality and an Educational Abolitionism Praxis.” Following their presentations, Natasha and Brian will pose some central questions emerging from their examination of prison industrial complex abolitionist frameworks and invite participants to think together about abolitionist praxis within and outside of the academy.