The Promise and Peril of Online Feminism with Alison Crossley

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Does feminism thrive because of online efforts? Or does the Internet perpetuate toxic interactions and feckless activism? In this talk, Crossley argues that online feminism is critical to the continuity of the feminist movement. Crossley’s research finds that online feminism fosters feminist communities, enlarges and nourishes feminist networks, and expands recruitment bases for both on and offline feminist mobilization. At the same time, however, feminists experience hostility online, often having significant consequences. The tensions between the promise and peril of online feminism illuminate complexities in the movement, as well as the persistence of inequality. Employing both intersectional and historical perspectives, Crossley contributes to conversations about the endurance of the feminist movement and the benefits and drawbacks of Internet organizing.

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This event is part of our 2015-16 theme, Intersections:  Breaking Barriers & Binaries