Sake Poetry Event with Kazuyo Fukao

This is an Archive of a Past Event

The Workshop in Poetics and Mantis Magazine are collaborating together to host an event in commemoration of a special section in this year's issue, focusing on contemporary sake tanka (短歌, 31 syllable poetry). Sake has long been a topos of poetry in Classical East Asian Poetry and this bilingual section was spearheaded by sake maker Kazuyo Fukao who solicited tanka from across Japan. Fukao's brewery is located in Gifu Prefecture in a town where Sogi 宗祗 (1421-1502), the most well-known writer of連歌 (renga, linked poetry from the Medieval era), spent many years, sponsored by the local clan. Together with Mantis editor Katherine Whatley (and co-coordinator of the workshop), Fukao will discuss the connection between sake making and poetry, the history of sake poetry and the importance of song in rural communities in Japan. Hosted by the Workshop in Poetics and Mantis.