Sierra Leone: From War to Recovery

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Sierra Leone had experienced a decade of severe decline, a decade of war, and a decade of reconstruction before it was struck by Ebola. How have the causes of the war been addressed since its end in 2002? What has the war changed? What is left of the justice efforts implemented through the Special Court for Sierra Leone and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

Thierry Cruvellier has reported on most contemporary war crimes tribunals in the past 18 years, and he has regularly covered Sierra Leone for 25 years. He will share some of the early findings from a forthcoming book on a generation of bright Sierra Leonean intellectuals who went through three decades of hardship, brutal violence, and economic struggle since the late ‘70s. Cruvellier is also the author of Court of Remorse, a book about the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and The Master of Confessions, a book about the Khmer Rouge Trials in Cambodia.