Symposium: Reimagining Afro-Latinidad (CLAS Working Group)

This is an Archive of a Past Event

This event seeks to raise issues relevant to the African American and Latina/o community in the 21stcentury. More specifically, this symposium seeks to reimagine the way in which racial coalitions, racial ideologies, and race relations are conceptualized in the United States. 

Opening Presentation

Samy Alim (Chair of African and African American Studies)

Gary Segura (Chair of Chicana/Chicano Studies)

Graduate Panel

Sylvia Zamora (PhD Candidate, UCLA Sociology)

Casey Nichols  (PhD Candidate, Stanford History)

Book Talks

Gaye Johnson (UCSB, PhD, Professor of Black Studies) Professor Johnson will be giving a talk on her book, Spaces of Conflict, Sounds of Solidarity.

Mark Sawyer (UCLA, PhD, Professor of Political Science) Professor Sawyer will be giving a talk on his book, Just Neighbors?

End Note

Walter Thompson-Hernandez, Master’s Candidate in Latin American Studies, Stanford