Thomas Dimuzio

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Thomas Dimuzio is a musician, composer, improviser, sound designer, mastering engineer, label proprietor, and music technologist residing in San Francisco, California. Inspired as much by John Cage as Led Zeppelin, Dimuzio's music is like a sonic excursion that transports the listener into other worldly aural realms. 

Dimuzio describes his upcoming CCRMA performance: "Sonic spatialization is the movement and positioning of sound within an array of speakers — a component of music composition for me that is equally important as the sound itself. Tonight’s performance will be presented in quadraphonic sound and centered around the Buchla 200e modular synthesizer with texture and spatial loopers / processors that I’ve designed in Max / MSP and Kyma. Together, these comprise a palette for improvisation and real-time composition within time and space."

His work has a narrative, filmic tug that will draw you into its dark corners, ears alert… brilliant and rarely less than entertaining. — Peter Marsh, BBC