The Way to Dao through Medicine - a Talk with Limin Qu

This is an Archive of a Past Event

It is a required study for the Chinese to understand the dao of heaven, of earth, and of man. The value of Chinese medicine lies not in innovation but in the practice of dao. The quickest, easiest way to dao is through Chinese medicine.

Nurturing life (养生), the act and practice of selfcare, is not simply about living, but about being. In the classical scripture of Chinese medicine, The Inner Canon of Huangdi《黄帝内经》, discussions of yin and yang, the five elements, the soul and the spirit are not merely concepts about medical treatment, but about the dao of well-being.

In language accessible to all audiences, Professor Qu uses analogies of nature and everyday life to explicate the relationship among Chinese medicine, the philosophical quests for and the mundane practice of well-being.

About Limin Qu 曲黎敏
Associate Professor of Chinese Medicine
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Author of Contemplations of Life (2012), The Inner Cannon of Huangdi Wisdom trilogy (2009-2010), Talking about Health from Head to Toe (2008), Chinese Medicine and Traditional Culture (2005)