William Winant and Joe Lasqo: Percussion and its Double

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Two of the Bay Area’s most daring improvising musicians team up for a “percussion plus” evening of rhythmic and meta-rhythmic electro-acoustic improvs. William Winant is one of the foremost percussionists of the era, equally at-home and sought after in both the wildest of avant-garde jazz and the most demanding of contemporary classical contexts. Joe Lasqo bridges the worlds of electronics and acoustic music, using both laptop and piano, improv and AI techniques, to create a metapercussive moiré.

Both William Winant and Joe Lasqo trained as South Indian drummers, William Winant with Trichy Sankaran, and Joe Lasqo in India with V. Nagabhushanachar, so the result is a compelling interplay of cutting-edge modernism and the world's most virtuosic rhythmic tradition — a varied and eclectic toolkit for radical musical exploration.