Writing Global History: Day 2

This is an Archive of a Past Event

Rethinking the World in the Early Modern Era

This two day conference on global history is organized by Professor Paula Findlen of the Stanford HIstory Department and Alex Statman of the Huntington Library.


Wendy Belcher (Princeton University), Alexander Bevilacqua (Williams College), Amber Brian (University of Iowa), Alexandria Brown-Hedjazi (Stanford), Frederic Clark (USC), Nancy Kollmann (Stanford), Anna More (University of Brasilia), Anthony Pagden , (UCLA), Qiong Zhang (Wake Forest University), Alex Statman (Huntington Library), Habtamu Tegegne (Rutgers University), Caroline Winterer (Stanford), Duygu Yildirim (Stanford), Ines Zupanov (EHESS, Paris), Kären Wigen (Stanford), John-Paul Ghobrial (Oxford University)