Feminist, Queer, and Trans Studies Colloquium

Zora Neale Hurston wrote, “Research is formalized curiosity.” Such curiosity is at the heart of this research workshop. The Feminist, Queer and Trans Studies Research Workshop (FQTSRW) seeks to disrupt norms of thinking within the academy and transgress institutional boundaries. FQTSRW will cultivate discussions focused on aesthetics, archives, and art in feminist, queer, and transgender studies. This year we will explore how issues of race, class, ethnicity, nationality, disability, have shaped feminist, queer, and transgender studies, including the emergence of new methodologies. And most importantly, how we might use such growing scholarship to better direct the future of the discipline. It will rely on interdisciplinary methods and practices across cultures, geographies, and temporalities and allow us to reorient current debates and discussions in the field. Scholars, curators, and artists we invite will take on questions of interdisciplinarity within feminist, queer, and transgender art practices and studies. By featuring feminist, queer, and transgender scholars and artists, FQTSRW members will be encouraged to consider the following: In what ways have interdisciplinary methods and practices shaped the field of feminist, queer, and trans studies? How is the field shaped by intersectional identities that include race, gender, class, ethnicity, disability, and sexuality? What blind spots remain in the field of feminist, queer, and trans literature? How do we use these insights to expand the ongoing debates in feminist, queer, and transgender studies?


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