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Donate Your Honorarium

Humanities Center fellows and friends can support the Center by donating honoraria received for professional services. Fellows, former directors, workshop coordinators, Stanford faculty, or anyone else wanting to support the Center, may designate fees received for giving lectures, reviewing manuscripts, serving on selection committees, etc., as a donation to the Center. The host institution pays your honorarium directly to the Humanities Center, while reimbursing any travel and lodging to you as usual.

Your donation provides essential annual support for the Center's programs and ensures the successful promotion of humanistic research and education at Stanford and around the globe. Donors will be listed in our publications unless they instruct otherwise.

Once you have received your honorarium or fee, you may wish to write a check to the Humanities Center in that amount and mail it to us. Or, you may want to ask the institution paying your honorarium to send their payment directly to the Humanities Center in the manner outlined below. All questions about donating honoraria should be directed to Susan Sebbard at or 650-723-3053.

Instructions for Donors

Let the host institution from which you are receiving an honorarium know that you would like to donate your fee to the Humanities Center and direct them to this webpage for instructions. It is advisable to consult a tax professional about the tax implications of making this donation.

Instructions for Institutions

Please make out a check to Stanford University in the amount of the honorarium and mail to:

Susan Sebbard 
Stanford Humanities Center 424
Santa Teresa Street
Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305-4015

You should indicate the name of the person who has donated the lecture fee either on the check stub or in an accompanying letter. If necessary for your accounting, the Humanities Center is happy to provide a W-9 form.