re: F@ck Work?
Universal Basic Income or a federal Job Guarantee? The discussion continues as to whether we should pursue a redistributive welfare system or a predistributive politics that reorganizes social provisioning.  
F@ck Work?
Those who think Universal Basic Income represents a progressive future ought to think twice about the laissez-faire assumptions behind such proposals. Perhaps the future should be one where work is not rendered obsolete but made a meaningful, inclusive, and collective endeavor.
Dmitri Golynko: Poetry and Prose
Dmitri Golynko discusses his personal interest in "applied social poetry," and shares selections of new poetry and prose. 
Critique: The History of a Premise

Recently, much has been made of the fact that “critique,” as practiced in literary criticism, is an attitude. But critique is also an argument, and I want to think about the nature of that argument. The real question I want to ask is this: if there are so many problems with the assumption that literary form represents an imaginative solution to real contradictions, then why do so many people find it so compelling? Why, in other words, do the problems seem both surmountable and worth surmounting?

Culture as Second Fiddle
Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. That still sums up the way we view culture today. We undervalue its place in the world, always elevating the importance of the economy as a factor in social change. Culture, to change the metaphor, still plays second fiddle, following the lead of the economic conductor.