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Space and Place, the remix (6 of 6)
As we close out this series of reports on the Humanities Core (HumCore) Workshops, it is worth returning to the two questions that have driven every session so far: 1. Can we conceptualize the Global Humanities at all? 2. How have our ideas created teaching structures in California, Karachi, and Singapore?
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A History of the Humanities at Stanford (5 of 6)

As readers of the previous reports on the HumCore workshop series will have noted, the first quarter of discussions started with a bang. We discussed questions relating to the global humanities at an international, national, and disciplinary scale. In the second quarter, with some of the major large...

Pedagogy or Catastrophe (2 of 6)

When things fall apart, when societal deterioration accompanies imperial collapse, we become disillusioned, disenchanted, and this emerges in our literature, art, and philosophy. But how might this disillusionment extend to our pedagogy?

Right now, we are living through catastrophic times, and...

Amateur-to-Amateur Music Lessons
Imagine that you’ve recently become a big fan of salsa or Cuban son.  You decide you want to learn more about how the music works—maybe even take a few conga lessons yourself.
pick up a real guitar: musica practica 2.0?
"Okay! As we continue our guitar journey, we need to talk about how you're going to be attacking the strings. And I'm going to recommend that you use a pick." David's tone is upbeat and encouraging, as always, and he seems to be looking right at me -- his ability to make eye contact with the camera is uncanny.