What is Free in Free Speech?
So Twitter can hide some tweets, and does, and will continue to do so, now with a toothpick precision to tailor its approach according to the law of the land (or landline) where the 140 character chirp has been posted. And everyone is up in arms and ready to boycott the addictive site for… a day.
Internet chanteuse Lana Del Rey: Pros & Cons
The internet-era chanteuse Lana Del Rey is the subject of much speculation, consternation and affection. Anyone who cares about the odd little independent music subculture I exist in—as odd, I'd venture, as the academic subculture—is atwitter about her.
An archive of the super-ephemeral
"I'm no PhD." So begins today's Library of Congress blog post by Director of Communications Matt Raymond, which breaks the news that the LOC has acquired every public tweet published since Twitter launched in 2006: