Speaking for the Humanities
I’ve argued... that [an interdisciplinary] future is imaginable if world-wide, education in the humanities—literature and philosophy, in other words—is, in a certain way, undertaken, and on all levels.
Lady Justice by an unknown artist
Speaking for the Humanities

Today more than ever, we have to remember that the strict distinction between public and private still holds only in theory. It is not that the public and the private are hopelessly entangled; it is just that the public and the private bleed into each other. I am interested in how the non-scientist, the non-philosophers, the non-political scientists of the world can share the basic consistencies of a reasonable polity: the public sphere.

Speaking for the Humanities

In “Rationality,” Charles Taylor defines reason in two ways: consistency, which is shared by all cultures; and theoretical reason, rationality.[1] For rationality, leading to “theoretical cultures” in the heritage of Plato, he has a higher claim and uses it to show that “one culture can surely lay...

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There is no double meaning, second degree and third interpretative level to be found in this post. Nothing metapoetic, cutting-edge, smart, hype, or poetic. No trope, no refined aesthetics, no beauty. But meaning yes, humanity yes, community yes. And a call to Arcade as a social network to spread a simple idea.